Use Your Content Strategy

Here’s a secret, about which 90% of entrepreneurs are unaware: contents allow you to maintain a long term relationship with your prospective clients. Let’s explore this right now.

Contents, what are they about?

In theory, contents are mainly about written articles. About articles appearing on your website and on your blog, on your  newsletters, on what you share on your Facebook page, on your Twitter account, etc.
Just suppose: in order to function, your articles must meet certain criteria. If you are relaxed about writing in general, it just won’t do when you want to produce articles which hit the nail on the head on the internet and in the professional field: you  need more, or moreoever, you need to sign up to a particular point of view.

Before envisaging this particular angle, let’s look further into what are in contents.

Written contents and afterwards?

We are in the magic era of the internet, which brings us benefits which entrepreneurs before us didn’t have. Today, we can access a public which is not physically on our doorstep. We can sell our services to people we have never met. We can even pass for a physical shop. These advantages create a subtle balance between maintaining the relationship with the client and the prospective one.
And what is the goal? The goal is to create a link and maintain a continuous flow of exchanges which, of course will eventually lead to sales. So, other than written articles, what other types of contents can we resort to? Even if you had never thought about it before reading this page, your Facebook habits must give you some clues. In order of preference, what works best, is video, then photo, then audio, then the written form. According to your choices, you will distinguish yourself radically from your competitors; your notoriety can spread at a surprising speed, if you act in a professional manner.

Image vs written form

Why does animated image enjoy such a contagion effect? The written form demands an intellectual effort: it addresses the left side of the brain, uses information which requires concentration. Image – particularly animated image – is more recreational in character. It is used more passively and seduces you like a magnet to gain attention. It establishes non-verbal communication parameters, which actually create a link.

But strategically speaking, used in the right manner, the written content is stronger!

The key to success for your contents strategy

Realistically, where does success come from? Before producing any content, you must use a strategy which will guarantee your success. Adopt the small steps strategy;  no point in doing too much, too quickly: take the big picture and break it down to manageable parts. Just as one does before any entrepreneurial initiative, ask the basic marketing questions:

  • who is your target customer?
  • what can you offer to differentiate from your competitors?
  • what problem can you solve for him?
  • where will he go to get the information? What are his preferred channels?

From there, you will understand how to make contact with your target customer. And, as for the rest, as you produce your contents, you will refine your skills and become more and more professional.