Boost your project by getting a facilitator

Firstly, what is a facilitator?

The word “facilitator” is masculine in the French language but it’s not about gender or age: a facilitator’s skill lies more in the vision and in the ability to embrace your project in detail, in evaluating your resources, your skills and the areas in which you need support.

A facilitator makes once skills available to you and helps you to breath life and fresh air into your project, while respecting your values, your objective and what makes you happy.

His/her specific skills:

  • teaching by means of maieutics
  • a tried and tested methodology

The facilitator puts into practice his or her maieutics teaching skill

And what is “maieutics”?

It is the art of asking the type of questions which make the person being questioned realize the  limits of their reasoning.  It is an area in which Socrates excelled. As far as you are concerned, a facilitator – a role in which Frenchity also excels – helps you to refine your ideas, allows you to explore in them the nooks and crannies, including those you hadn’t envisaged… quite simply because it’s your project and you are emotionally tied up in it.

The facilitator does not subject his or her desires on to you; on the contrary , he or she works completely from the basis of your project in order to then get an impression of what the project has at its core, but which up until now, was not visible to you… quite simply because you were not flexible and you did not have perspective.

The facilitator  possesses a tried and tested methodology

To use a metaphor perhaps somewhat shamanistic, the facilitators go through your project with a fine tooth comb. Their experience and skill allow them to tackle your project from a height, which gives it perspective and an ambitious vision. A vision which uses the project’s potential which it honors… and honors you at the same  time.

So how does this approach work?

Basically, the facilitator has experience and particularly experience in succeeding: his own success as well as the success of entrepreneurs he/she has helped.

Even if a routine gets bad press, according to the old adage, we shouldn’t change a team that’s winning. By the same token, recipes which work should be served over and over again!

Every entrepreneur, every project carries its challenges.

However, the models which the facilitator knows well, bring with them success.

So, getting a facilitator – and in particular, getting Frenchity – can bring your project to heights you never thought capable of reaching alone.

Patricia Mignone -Toplexis